​​Each bowl is signed, numbered and dated when made, and the kind of wood it is.

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Joe makes bowls out of your burls.

                   Joe has Bowls                           ​inAlaska, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania,Virginia, England, Canada and other places we don't know about.

                         ​WithBear Pond Bowls,you are able to choose from                             several different kinds of wood.

Contact  Joe Roggie  for your bowl. 

With many pieces of wood ready to be worked,

you can be sure to find something desirable.

These bowls are not turned on a lathe ......

They are authentically hand carved from solid pieces of wood.

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​   Bear Pond in the Foothills of the Adirondacks,       where most of Joe's burls come from.

​​​All Bowls are Non-Toxic.   They have a food grade finish.

Hand Carved Bowls fromBear Pond Bowls are the perfect gift for someone.  

Or purchase a Bowl for yourself.

There are no two bowls alike

 They are not turned on a lathe ........ They are all hand carved like God made the Burl.

With many hours dedicated to creating each unique wooden bowl.   

You are sure to be satisfied.

Bear Pond Bowls offers a Full Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely Satisfied!

                                   All bowls on this page are sold.                                                 The pictures are just to give you an idea of the beauty of them.

If you have your own burls, make them into Bowls. Take them to Joe.

You will be amazed at what he comes up with